The Occupational Side Effects – Store – Number Four Love Song

Number Four Love Song
Track Listing

Stephen Clarke: Bass / Guitars / Vocals / Percussion / Programming
Andrew Lamarche: Drums
Guitar solo on "Dog With His Bone" and Slide Guitar on "Combines In Heaven" by Robert Farrell.
Recorded at dogstownSTUDIOS and at Andyland. In Hotel rooms and over long distances.
Produced by The Occupational Side Effects
Engineered by Stephen Clarke
Mixed and mastered by Stephen Clarke and Andrew Lamarche
Copyright 2013 Freddy The Cow Music (SOCAN)

1: My Beacon Light (Not A Wrong This Time)
2: Load It Up
3: Let You Go
4: Number Four - Love Song
5: Every Body Needs A...
6: Dog With His Bone
7: Oh My My
8: Through My Skin
9: Combines In Heaven
10: Running On One Wheel
11: Traveling Eggs And Bacon Man - Part 1


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